Our Mobility Selection Services include:

Truth understands your mobility needs are as unique as your organization. You may not have the time, energy or resources to find the right pieces, but we do! Our mobility experts can help you select the devices and applications you need in the most efficient manner possible.

Mobile Device Repair

Our trained technicians will test and accurately diagnose the ¬†issue first, making sure to replace only the parts that are causing the problem. We won’t make you pay for something you don’t need! Then, once the repairs are made, we will test your device again to ensure it’s working properly before it leaves our facility.

Pre-Sales Support

Our pre-sales mobility experts are available to provide you complimentary support during the entire mobility lifecycle. Using a service-alignment approach, we help you select the right technology, determine the right way to deploy a new solution and choose the best way to manage your mobile environment.

Provisioning & Software Refreshing

With a wide range of the latest iOS, Windows, Android mobile devices, we’ve got the smartphones, tablets and notebooks your organization needs

Truth Innovations Services

  • Unlock mobile phones (proof of ownership required)

  • Provide refurbishing services for used and non-functional products

  • Developing channel sales networks for new products and companies being introduced to the market.

  • Design and implement full scale business logistics.

  • Develop marketing plans for maximum effect in the technology sector